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At Locksmith Marietta Georgia, we are here for any of your residential, commercial or automobile locksmith needs and concerns anywhere you may be in the Marietta Georgia area. If you need any type of key or lock service done at any time of the day or night, give our mobile locksmith team a call and let us send out one of our trained and professional locksmiths to your location to help assist you in only minutes from the time you call us. We are a 24-Hour mobile locksmith service which means we are open all day and night 365 days a year. Give us a call now to hear more about our extremely affordable locksmith rates or to schedule an appointment with one of our locksmith experts.


auto keys Marietta Georgia

Our expert locksmiths have many years of experience dealing with all different makes and years of cars, you can keep in mind that they know well how to operate on any of your vehicles. If you are experiencing a vehicle lockout due to having lost your only pair of car keys or any other reason, don’t you panic anymore. Give us a call in Marietta, GA and an expert will be with you in no time at all helping you unlock your car door, getting you safely back on the road. If you need a new car key, we have all the right tools and skills to have a new car key made for you even if you do not happen to have the first pair in hands. If you are carrying around a bunch of different keys all day long to which open many different doors and locks, then let us upgrade you to a master key which is able to open all those locks using only that one key, making your life much more easy and organized.


change door locks Marietta Georgia

When you need to make sure your business locks are fully protected, it’s always important to hire a professional locksmith as they know well if it is time for a new lock installation or change depending on the lock situation. Locks can become old and rusty over time which causes them to stop working or not work as properly which may put you in risk of experiencing a lockout or becoming locked out. If you already have been a victim of a commercial lockout, give us a call and we will be with you in only minutes provided with all the latest tools and skills in the locksmith industry. Locksmith Marietta Georgia will unlock your doors as fast as it would take you to unlock them with the keys in hand and the locks working properly all in the most affordable manner possible. If you are a busy person who carries many different keys all day to open different doors and locks, then you need a master key which our expert team can make for you so that you may unlock as many locks as you need or want using only that one master key.


If you own a home, you should probably know very well the importance of protecting your home. When you are not sure about who may have access to your home like previous home owners or an ex who moved out, you are putting yourself at a high risk of any dangerous break ins or robberies. Let our skilled team re-key your entire home locks and provide you with a new key made which works on them. If your locks have become old and worn out they may be giving you problems working in Marietta, GA. Our tech may come to your home in only minutes and examine the situation, providing you with either a new lock installation or change at a very affordable rate.

Service Call $15
Car Lockout starting at $35 *
Car Key Making starting at $120 *
Trunk Lockout starting at $35 *
Car Key Extraction starting at $65 *
Ignition Repair starting at $95 *
Service Call $15
House Lockout starting at $35 *
Lock Rekey starting at $19 *
Lock Change starting at $35 *
Lock Installation starting at $35 *
Gate Lock Repair starting at $35 *
Service Call $15
Business Lockout starting at $35 *
Lock Rekey starting at $19 *
Mailbox Change starting at $35 *
Lock Installation starting at $35 *
Safe Lockout starting at $65 *
Locksmith Marietta Georgia
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